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Currently // 08.03.2015.

Oh hai.

It recently hit me that I have not done one of these “Currently” posts in quite some time. Without further ado, let me update you on my life {whether you care or not}. πŸ™‚

So here’s what I’m currently…
MAKING A to-do list for all the stuff I have to get done in the next three days.
COOKING Nothing today, but I am making chicken/broccoli/quinoa casserole tomorrow. It’s so delicious. I’m also making some boozy brownies. Yesssssss.
DRINKING Water + Arnold Palmer iced tea from Whole Foods.
READING Nothing at the moment. I purchased a copy ofΒ Alice in Wonderland from Anthropologie around Christmas time. It’s one of those books with the gorgeous covers on it. I should probably get on reading it soon.
WANTING I want many things. I need to learn to want less.
LOOKING My outfit is on point today, not gonna lie. So I look pretty good. Hey everyone, come see how good I look! πŸ˜›
PLAYING No music right now. I’m on an all day online training session for work [this blog post is a break from staring at a screen and listening to someone talk for six hours].
WASTING Nothing? I try to not waste too much.
SEWING Lulz, I can’t sew.
WISHING That I could be done with my day job so I can go do other things. Story of my life? Haha. Story of everyone’s life.
ENJOYING My hair. I bought some new Herbal Essences Naturals shampoo, and my hair is so soft and silky smooth! Ha.
WAITING Patiently (or not-so-patiently) for the end of the work day. πŸ™‚
LIKING My new role at work. I am on a great team and my work is pretty fulfilling.
WONDERING How I’m going to get everything done before I take a mini-vacation to Tennessee.
LOVING This black cherry yogurt from Whole Foods. It’s converted me to actually tolerating yogurt!
HOPING That the brownies I’m going to make tomorrow turn out well.
MARVELING At how amazing it’s been to do more volunteer work as of late.
NEEDING More water. I’m developing a bit of a headache.
SMELLING The hand lotion I keep on my desk. The cheap soap in the work bathrooms always dries out my hands…
WEARING Black skinny pants, black Tieks flats, a multi-colored, flowy top, and a light green cardigan.
FOLLOWING My heart. Or at least I attempt to find a balance between my head and my heart.
NOTICING That my contacts are starting to get dried out. Argh.
KNOWING That everything is going to turn out just fine, and possibly even better than expected.
THINKING I’m currently thinking about agile project management concepts and how they relate to Microsoft Team Foundation Server [IT nerd probz, haha].
BOOKMARKING Several articles on privacy in the digital age. I’m in the very beginning stages of collaborating on a published paper with one of my former undergrad instructors.
OPENING My bottle of water.
GIGGLING At my friends. Always. They usually have a way of making me laugh.

// Photos from Instagram. #oninstagramstraightflexin


Top Row:
01. As I’ve mentioned, I spent two weeks in Germany and other parts of Europe back in June. This is a picture from one of the information security classes I took in Deutschland.

02. The lookout towers in the forest preserves in the Czech Republic are way cooler than ours!

03. In keeping with my new tradition, again I gave some baked goodies to some fellow STL foodies that I met IRL [in real life]. This time I made browned butter chocolate chip cookies for Christine and Kate. They loved my cute little pink bakery boxes, the emoji stickers, and my custom-made Darcie Bakes stamp! Hooray.

Middle Row
01. I saw so many pretty little gardens throughout the small town of Deggendorf, Germany.

02. These “Live Free, or Chai Trying” growlers are at a local STL brunch place called The Mud House. The Mud House is awesome and I really want one of these growlers, just cuz.

03. Last week, I attended a meetup for entrepreneurs and creatives. I brought red velvet whoopie pies, and one of the photographers decided to snap a photo of me. I had the cookie/cake whoopie pie all over my teeth when he was taking pictures of me, so I didn’t want to smile with my mouth opened. “I have cake all over my teeth!…” His response: “Just put one of the whoopie pies in your mouth, like you’re eating it. Then it doesn’t matter.” The result was this picture. I think it’s pretty entertaining. πŸ˜€

Bottom Row:
01. Kate and I are very excited to be holding our “We Eat Stuff” stickers in St. Louis. {PS: People who like to eat really are the best people!}

02. A friend and I decided to try some gin drinks at a place called Cafe Natasha in the Lou. I never even knew I liked gin, but it was pretty fabulous. I’ll need to go back soon. {The Gin Girl, aka Natasha, is pretty rad too!}

03. The Lantern Festival at the beautiful Missouri Botanical Gardens was a fun sight to see.

xoxo. <3

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