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Homemade Animal Crackers.

Sometimes you just need some photos of animal crackers. Homemade animal crackers, obviously.


The Chicago Metallic Bakeware company makes the animal cracker cutters, and my roommate’s sister works for them. She asked my roommate if I’d take some photos for their website. These photos are what I came up with, so hopefully you enjoy them. I know Dani [the roomie] enjoys all the pictures I take of our baking shenanigans, but I’m a harsh critic of my own work. 😉





PS: The recipe for these “Danimal” crackers can be found here. 🙂

PSS: Lately, life has been a bit crazy, but I’m doing my best to not neglect my blog. Stay tuned for some more tasty posts soon; I’m still on my “cupcake ban,” so I’ll have some interesting recipes to ramble about.

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