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Currently // 05.21.2015.


I have been quite busy as of late, but I gotta say that the past several months have been pretty glorious [for the most part].

I wanted to mix things up a bit, and make this post a bit different than usual. To do that, I’d like to share some morsels of knowledge that keep getting pounded into my thick skull these days. {Obligatory Disclaimer: Not tryna tell you how to live, yadda yadda. Just sharing some epiphanies that help me when I’m being a real dipstick.}

1. Take everything one step at a time. ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME. Doing so will greatly reduce your anxiety levels. Just calm down. Everything will sort itself out in due time.
2. Learn to gracefully let go of things/people/places not meant for you. Sometimes, certain activities/things/people just are not meant for you. This is okay. It’s okay to change your mind. To say no. To politely decline. To realize and accept the fact that you’re just not meant for certain things. [And sometimes, these “not meant for you things/people” come in the form of unfortunate events/falling-outs. It will suck at the time, but often it’s for the best.]
3. Yoga is good for you. DO IT MORE OFTEN. Preferably erryday.

Oh yeah, and as usual, here’s a compilation of pics from my Instagram account for you to peruse, plus a brief description of each:



Top Row:
01. I was able to go to a Cubs vs. Cardinals game at Busch stadium with other work people several weeks ago. Although I’m not a huge baseball fan, it’s always fun to see the infamous rivals! Go Cards! 😛 {But since I’m from central Illinois originally, I’m kinda split between the Cubs/Cards. Actually, I’m not really loyal to either… Because I don’t care. ;)}
02. Some pretty flowers sittin’ in my bedroom window sill. I love buying fresh bouquets when I have the chance. They always cheer me up.
03. I enjoyed a beer flight at a brewery in northern Illinois about a month ago. I love beer!

Middle Row:
01. I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite bands for the second time – Death Cab for Cutie. They are always great live, and I would go see them again whenever they’re in STL again.
02. Some of my friends are from Louisville, Kentucky, so we recently took a little road trip over there. It has a lot of similarities to St. Louis. The architecture is pretty similar. Me likey.
03. I got the idea to paint some plain terra cotta pots with acrylic paints to give them a color block effect. Then I planted succulents in them. I love them!

Bottom Row:
01. Finally, I got a membership for the Missouri Botanical Gardens (aka MOBOT). This is one of the neat concrete walls in the Japanese garden. If you’re ever visiting the Lou, definitely check out the gardens. They’re super pretty and relatively cheap to visit!
02. I loooove brunch, but I think most people do. The Mud House on Cherokee St. is amazing. Mmm.
03. Some other STL foodies and I met up at Urban Chestnut recently. One of the husband and wife foodie teams – We Eat Stuff – captured an awesome photo of my #bakinghalfsleeve! I don’t think I’ve really posted photos of my tats on the blog, but… There it is! (Or at least part of it.)

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