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I have been wanting some business cards for quite awhile.

Technically, I do not own a business. I work a 9-5 office job in the wonderful corporate world. So why do I need business cards, you ask? Because I thought they’d be useful, especially as I build this blog and interact with different people.

It took me quite awhile to decide on what kinds of business cards to purchase. It’s a pretty important decision, as these little cards represent who I am and what I do, plus what I’m all about. The ones I went with are unique; they are not your typical business cards. And that’s precisely why they are awesome! Check them out below:


These business cards are made via a company called Social Print Studio, and I absolutely love them. They are little 2 3/8″ square “contact cards,” made by Prinstagram [via the Social PS company]. {You can make some of your own cards by going to Prinstagr.am.}

Basically, I chose my favorite Instagram photos that feature my baked goods, and used them as my front images on the cards. I’m pretty sure that you can also choose to use non-Instagram photos, but I decided to just use those because it’s super easy. See below for an example; that’s a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting from last summer! Yum!

frontofcardsOn the back, I uploaded an image that is just text with my contact information.

I chose to not include my phone number, because I am pretty leery about who I’ll give that out to! But as you can see, all of my other relevant contact information is included on the back:


Aren’t they uniquely awesome little business cards? Some people will probably tease me for having “hipster business cards,” but for me, they’re perfect. I like that they’re square. I like that I can choose a variety of imagery for the front – what better way to represent who I am than to include photos of my own baked goods? And they’re just plain fun to pass out to people; not gonna lie.

You can customize them however best fits you, and they’re good quality prints on nice, sturdy little card stock squares. I’ve also personally never had any issues with service from Social Print Studio, and their site is pretty and easy to use. So if you’re looking for some neat business cards and you’re a creative person, I’d highly recommend giving these a try!

And, if you’re not in the market for business cards, they have plenty of other super cool options to choose from. In fact, I often get 4×4″ Instagram prints for my wall, plus they offer magnets, buttons, and lots more!


Obligatory Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to endorse these products; Social Print Studio probably has no idea who I am. These are just products that I enjoy, and I think they’re super fun. I thought other people might be interested in them, too, so that’s why I’m rambling about them. Kthxbai.

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