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Favorite Things Friday // 12.26.2014.

I was recently perusing my [limited] blog archives here on Darcie Bakes, and I realized that I haven’t done a “Favorite Things Friday” post in, well, a year.

Yikes. So I’m clearly long overdue for a new post. Here are seven miscellaneous things I’m currently loving:


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01. “Pink Frosted Animal Cracker” Bubble Bath, by Philosophy // I saw this shampoo/body wash/bubble bath combination product one random day on Pinterest. I was immediately intrigued, but it’s kind of hard to find in stores. I was recently in Ulta and found it… and of course I had to buy it. Pink frosted animal cracker scented bubble bath?! What’s not to love? There’s even an animal cracker recipe on the front of the bottle, and my baker self is curious as to whether or not it’s legit. Perhaps I should try it out soon and report back on the blog…

02. 2015 Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. // It’s probably fairly evident by now that I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. as a whole. Every single whimsical, flowery design that Anna Rifle Bond does is just gorgeous. I need this calendar. I will have to wait until payday to purchase it, though. Silly budgets. 😛

03. Jadeite Cake Stand // I have been coveting one of these gorgeous jadeite cake stands for as long as I can remember. But I kept putting off actually purchasing it because it’s kind of pricey. I finally just went for it and bought it from Shop Sweet Lulu. No regrets thus far.

04. Monogram Mug by Anthropologie // I’ve been wanting one of the regular Anthro monogram mugs for quite awhile, but then I noticed that they have these fancy, limited edition gold monogram mugs! Sold. I’ve got a “D” one now. 😀

05. Moleskine Squared Notebooks // For some unknown reason, I enjoy jotting down notes/ideas/lists on graph paper. I spotted these Moleskine notebooks at the local Dick Blick art store, and bought some “squared” ones. I love them.

06. Chocolate Milk Stout by 4Hands Brewing Co. // The first time I tried this stout was back in February. I haven’t had it in several months, but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about it lately. I may need to take a trip to the brewery itself and have some on draught soon! Who wants to join me for some tasty winter beers?

07. Houndstooth Printed Slip-on Vans // I used to be obsessed with the slip-on Vans shoes back in high school. I had this neat pair of white slip-ons with black stars [I was a semi-emo kid], and I haven’t had them for several years… Then I realized how much I missed them. I don’t even care if the slip-ons aren’t in style anymore. I got these houndstooth printed ones for Christmas, and I will wear the crap out of them. They are so comfy!

What are you loving on this Friday? 🙂

PS: Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend.


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