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Currently // 12.01.2014.

Wow. The past several months have been a bit rough. I’ve experienced several deaths in the family, and I just got over a post-Thanksgiving flu bug. Yuck.

Luckily I’m doing a bit better now, and I’m ready to get through December and move onto 2015!

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to in November.


Top Row:
Recently, I realized that my bathroom shelf/storage space is a bit lacking [stereotypical lady with too much stuff right here, and I call myself low-maintenance.. ha!]. So I purchased these white shelves from Target. I think they spruced up my space nicely; I have an even combination of decor and functional items on them. Don’t they look spiffy?
02. Some friends and I went out in downtown STL to celebrate my friend Steve’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Steve! 🙂
Several of my lady friends and I have started a new monthly [ish] tradition of a craft night. These are our crafts from our first craft night. I’d say it was a success!

Middle Row:
The main kitty that I grew up with – Charlie – recently passed away. Charlie lived a good, long life [he was about 19 years old!]. He was a goofy cat, and I unintentionally turned him into a con artist who begged for cat treats. But he was an important part of my life. Rest in peace, silly kitty. You’ll be missed. <3
I made vanilla bean cupcakes for Steve and Nick’s [friends] birthdays! Those metallic sprinkles are the bomb.com.
My neighborhood is a bit eclectic and eccentric. I like it. #STLProud

Bottom Row:
My roommate – Dani – makes homemade animal crackers. I made her a nice little label for the containers of them that she keeps at work. It was a fun way to be creative.
I like to occasionally purchase fresh flowers for myself. I found these pink Gerbera daisies from Whole Foods and just had to have them. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love fresh flower bouquets; they can really brighten up my mood.
I made pumpkin roll for Friendsgiving and for actual Thanksgiving. It is delicious. I’ll be posting that recipe ASAP. Yum.

I hope that y’all have had a better November than I have… To be honest, 2014 has just not been the best year for my family and myself. But again, here’s to hoping 2015 is better for all of us! Cheers.

// Photos from my IG account.

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