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Hello. Here’s a fun but very brief update on my life these days.
:: Photos from my Instagram account.
{Top row, from left to right: Forest Park in STL looking beautiful as always; rooftop bar at the Moonrise Hotel; chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream frosting for a friend’s birthday.}
{Middle row, from left to right: a DIY flower arrangement I did at a local farmer’s market; spending some much-needed quality time with my lady friends from college; pretty sunflowers outside of my apartment.}
{Bottom row, from left to right: Making it my goal to find as many STL 250 cakes as possible; double chocolate donut from a shop in my hometown; delicious tacos at Mission Taco in STL.}


:: This fun little update idea from blogger Breanna Rose.

MAKING a plan to start producing more coherent and consistent blog posts [wish me luck! blogging is a lot harder than it looks and I really admire all of the blogging gurus out there.]
COOKING well. tonight I am going to make some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, but I’ve been pretty lazy with cooking as of late.. oops.
DRINKING a lot of h2o.
READING random blogs. need to get back on the book reading train.
WANTING these summer sinus issues/allergies to go away. oh yeah, and payday! ha.
LOOKING at this here monitor.
PLAYING some good old 2000s hip hop. oh yes. Outkast, Nelly, Chingy, etc. holla!
WASTING my time with being a space cadet. I’m so scatterbrained sometimes.
SEWING absolutely nothing. I wish I could sew.
WISHING I was outside; the weather is gorgeous today.
ENJOYING wearing lots of dresses lately!
WAITING for the work day to be over.
LIKING that I’m beginning to adjust to my new apartment, but I still need to unpack and organize my personal space a bit more. oops.
WONDERING when I am going to get my car back from the auto repair shop.
LOVING that I’m much closer to all of the city amenities that STL has to offer! and looking forward to exploring more as time/money allow. 🙂
HOPING to succeed at the Couch to 5K program and sign up for a 5K in September/October!
MARVELING at how much common ground I can find with any person if I look in the right places.
NEEDING the weekend + relaxation + social time with my friends.
SMELLING my bag of dark chocolate espresso trail mix from Target. mmm.
WEARING black dress pants, pink/gray/black dressy shirt, and a gray cardigan.
FOLLOWING my heart as best as I can.
NOTICING how positivity can drastically improve my mood.
KNOWING that I can get through the Couch to 5K program and then some as long as I keep persisting with it. [maybe I should write about this soon?]
THINKING about what all I need to do this evening [namely: cupcakes].
BOOKMARKING ideas for my never-ending “to bake” list.
OPENING too many emails… story of my life. haha.
GIGGLING at my goofy friends. I love being goofy.
FEELING excited about making lots of cupcakes this week + continuing with my jogging regimen.


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