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Scenes from Seattle

I have always been enamored with Seattle – something about this city is just amazing.

In fact, I was originally supposed to move to Seattle to start my full-time career, but thought it better to stay near my hometown/support system for awhile. But who knows – perhaps I’ll be back out here permanently some day!

All that to say, I’m fortunate enough to travel to Seattle for business trips. I went on my first business trip to Seattle in early November 2013. Along with my coworkers, I got a lot of work accomplished. But I also got to try some awesome local restaurants, which meant that I gorged myself on delicious food, and tried several amazing new ciders.

Unfortunately, it was too dark in the restaurants to really capture good photos of the food. But I did manage to snap a few iPhone pics for Instagram. I thought it might be fun to share some of the photos from the trip here. Enjoy.

Leaving Seattle. Don’t worry; I wasn’t the one driving.


Dahlia Lounge. I love their lights. And they have delicious food.


Looking out the plane window as we get closer to Seattle.


Pike’s Place market at night.


Top Pot Doughnuts’ donut truck in Renton.


I will be going to Seattle again in mid-January 2014. Hopefully I’ll have time to snap a few more photos. Whatever I do capture, I’ll be sure to share it here. Yay for business trips, and yay for the awesomeness that is Seattle! 😀

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