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Baking from scratch… because good things take time.


  • Tres Leches Cake: Take Two.

    Baking has always been a mostly solitary activity for me. Usually I’m content with this; I’m a very introverted person at heart, after all. I just love being in that therapeutic zone in my own mind when I’m working on a baking project. {But I also have a tendency to be in my own head […]

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  • Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting.

    This here is one of those less fancy, photos from Instagram posts. You see, full-blown food blog posts are – believe it or not – a lot of work. You have to first test the recipe, hope that it turns out if it’s a new-to-you recipe. Then you have to hope that your food looks […]

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  • Rainbow Cupcakes.

    This is not the post for you if you hate and/or are weirded out by artificial coloring and/or sprinkles. This is most definitely the post for you if you: a) love colorful things, and b) you aren’t afraid of ingesting the occasional fake food coloring/chemicals/whatever evil stuff they’re warning us about now.* *[Obviously, moderation is key. You won’t […]

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  • Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes.

    Funfetti is just one of those things that everybody likes. It’s just fun, you know? {I’m punny today. Haha.} When it comes to baking, I often like to poll people on their favorite baked goods. When I ask people what their favorite cake is, most people always respond “funfetti.” I began to wonder why, as it’s […]

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  • {Vegan} Vanilla Cupcakes.

    I feel the need to preface this blog post with a statement: I’m pretty much all for the real butter, y’all. *Paula Deen voice.* Rarely will I buy shortening, and I’m not a fan of most vegan “butter.” Real butter is where it’s at. That being said, I do like to experiment with recipes from […]

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  • Small Batch Vanilla Bean Cupcakes.

    Have I mentioned how much I freaking love small batch recipes? Especially these days. As I have mentioned before on the ol’ blog, most of the time, my coworkers and friends reap the benefits of my baking shenanigans. However, there are times in which one of the following scenarios occur: a) I’m not in the mood […]

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