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single serving

  • Single Lady Banana Bread.

    One of my favorite guilty pleasure* hobbies OF ALL TIME includes listening to copious amounts of rap and hip-hop. Usually I can be found listening to lots of modern songs, but I am gonna go ahead and throw it out there: I have a “2000s Hip-Hop” station on my Pandora account, and it’s one of […]

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  • “Single Lady” Blueberry Cobbler.

    As a self-proclaimed chocoholic, I sometimes forget how much I adore a simple, rustic fruit cobbler. Please pardon the crappy iPhone photos. Right as I was about to start snapping pictures, my DSLR’s battery decided to die. And since I recently moved and am extremely disorganized, I can’t find my dang charger. Excuses, excuses, I […]

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