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Baking from scratch… because good things take time.


  • Heart-Shaped Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing.

    I don’t generally give Valentine’s Day too much thought. It’s a good day, especially if you’re in a relationship with a special someone. But I guess my philosophy has always been that we should show our loved ones that they’re loved¬†every day. I don’t need a dang holiday for that! Still, I’m not gonna lie: […]

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  • Fudgy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes for Two.

    The honest title of this post should be: Fudgy Dark Chocolate Cupcakes for One. If you’re me, anyway. Yeah, that’s right. I made two cupcakes just for myself. To be fair, I did eat only one shortly after photographing them. Now I’m finishing this post from the train, so the second cupcake will be my […]

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