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Baking from scratch… because good things take time.


  • Tres Leches Cake: Take Two.

    Baking has always been a mostly solitary activity for me. Usually I’m content with this; I’m a very introverted person at heart, after all. I just love being in that therapeutic zone in my own mind when I’m working on a baking project. {But I also have a tendency to be in my own head…

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  • Random Sides // 26 Things in 26 Years: Part II.

    Today is my 26th birthday. I’m still a bit nervous about it, because it means I’m four years closer to being thirty (!!!). About a month ago, I posted my first thirteen pieces of “things I’ve learned” – aka Part I. So check it out if you like, then let’s get started with Part II! 14. Do something…

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  • Random Sides // 26 Things in 26 Years: Part I.

    In exactly one month, I’ll be turning twenty-six years old. When I turned twenty-five last year, I thought I was “old.” HA! Now I’m only four years away from being thirty. *shudder* Okay, all of you over the age of thirty are probably rolling your eyes right now, so I’ll shut up. Just like last year,…

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