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Baking from scratch… because good things take time.


  • Random Sides // Baking is My Love Language. <3

    It’s true. Baking is my love language. What does that mean? Well, there’s a theory out there that says we all show love and affection to others – whether it be romantic or platonic or familial – in a particular way, that is unique to us. The five “love languages” are as follows: words of […]

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  • {Vegan} Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Muffins.

    Three fun facts about me: 1. I have had bananas getting overly ripe and taunting me from the counter for quite awhile now. 2. Also, I was out of eggs for about a week. 3. In addition, I go through extremely lazy phases in which I don’t even want to drive ten minutes to get […]

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  • Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

    As usual, I am a day late – or more like four days late – and a dollar short. I know St. Patty’s [or is it Paddy’s? I don’t really know…] Day has already passed, but I wanted to share the Irish car bomb cupcakes that I made for the occasion anyway. I guess I’m […]

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  • Saveur Peanut Butter Cookies.

    There are times in which I just have neither the time nor the energy to dedicate to food photography. It took me awhile to actually get over myself and start working consistently on this blog. But once I did [sorta], I realized just how damn hard it is to take good photos with a digital SLR camera. […]

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  • Baked Maple Bacon Doughnuts.

    Have you ever tasted something that was kinda ridiculous? And by ridiculous, I mean rich, simultaneously savory and sweet, and just plain awesome all at once? If you haven’t experienced that kind of intense taste, then I feel bad for you, son. But there’s good news: you can make these baked maple bacon doughnuts, and […]

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  • Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream.

    I never knew that it was possible to love a boozy cupcake as much as I love these. Holy crap. I first had one that was made by a fellow baker/coworker – Kelley – at a party awhile back. And it was just love at first sight. You might be wondering what it is about […]

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  • Random Sides // DIY Baking Themed Christmas Tree!

    OMG. I am so excited about this that it’s ridiculous. My roommate was teasing me a few months back, because I claim to not be “that into Christmas,” yet I’ve been planning for this since the end of October. As I’ve said before, I’m not exactly a Grinch. But I don’t get as excited about […]

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  • Bakers Gonna Bake.

    Here’s a fun little thing I made real quick in Photoshop. Cuz bakers gonna bake. 🙂 Oven mitt by Emma Haywood Curzon from The Noun Project.

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